How do I update my MailChimp signup form after validation?

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If you use a MailChimp signup form for your email list, you’ll want to make sure that only certain information is visible as people signup for your email list!

By default, MailChimp makes all merge fields visible when a subscriber signs up for your mailing list. What this means, is that when people see your signup form they’ll be able to see any information you’ve opted to have in your merge fields (ie. a section for phone number or address) even if you do not require this information for signup.

What does this mean for DataValidation customers?

When you have a list validated, or you sign up for the Email Assurance subscription, your Address-by-Address analysis, containing Email Assurance Grades and Deliverability Codes, is provided to you in your MailChimp account through the merge fields in your subscriber list. If you're using a MailChimp Signup Form, you'll want to make this information hidden.

This information does not need to be shown to potential subscribers, and it appears that they need to fill out all of the fields in this form - this may inhibit subscribers from signing up for your email list.

By selecting General forms you can add/edit merge fields and access field settings for a specific list. If you do not edit these, MailChimp will automatically include all merge fields within your list (including ones provided by DataValidation’s analysis). Below is what an unedited signup form looks like:

What you’ll need to do is edit the merge fields provided within your form. Follow these steps to ensure your subscribers only see the appropriate merged fields.

1. Select field settings on the right side of the page, and then select each field you do not want to include in your form (ie. LAST_CHANGED or grade) and make it hidden. Select the field you want to hide, select “hidden” and “save field”.

2. Make sure that all fields you DO NOT want to include in your signup form are highlighted in blue (and hidden from your form).

3. Make sure you DO NOT delete any of these merge fields - This data is from your Address-by-Address Analysis and is important to your list and the segments within it.

4. Once you have hidden these merge fields from your form, you can preview it to make sure it is exactly what you want your potential subscribers to see. In this test form, we should only be able to see the following merge fields: Email Address, First Name, and Last Name.

By hiding all unwanted fields, people signing up for your mailing list will not see all your data, yet this information will still be available for you in the merge fields within your list!


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