Why should I get my email list validated?

Email is considered one of the most important forms of communication in business and marketing; for eCommerce companies, nonprofits, and large or small businesses. Sending content to your customers is vital, regardless the size of your email list. If you have invalid emails or spam traps in these lists, your sender reputation will be negatively impacted over time, and your messages may never reach those customers.  

It’s important to keep your lists clean so that you can continuously send content and reach the inboxes of your valued customers. Having your emails validated will get you back to sending and is the first step in ongoing list maintenance. 

To uphold a good sender reputation and have the best deliverability possible, take advantage of our Email Assurance subscription! Email Assurance allows you to connect your MailChimp account and have every list within that account validated. We'll monitor your lists on an ongoing basis - updating them every day to ensure that your list has updated deliverability data. This will help you avoid bounces, complainers, opt-outs, and spam-traps on an ongoing basis and utilize your email list in the best way possible!

(We no longer include spam traps and deceased data in determining our Email Assurance Grades - this information changes frequently and we cannot guarantee every instance to be accurate. This information will still be provided for each email in your Address-by-Address Analysis and can used for segmenting your list) 

If you plan on sending a large campaign you should always have a list validated to ensure the emails on your list are clean. The more emails your have accumulated, the more likely it is that you'll have bad emails. Checking for deliverability issues proactively will avoid wasted time and late deliverability of campaigns to your customers.

If you manage an old list, or are just unsure about how you got some of the emails on your list, stay on the safe side and have it checked for bad emails. There's no cost to get an Always Free Email Assurance Report, regardless of the number of lists you want to check and the number of emails in each list. Find out the Email Assurance Grades your list contains at www.datavalidation.com


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