What is Email Assurance?

Email Assurance is an ongoing monitoring service offered to clients with accounts linked directly to a MailChimp, AWeber, MailUp, SendGrid, MailGun, or Emma account. 

With Email Assurance, we monitor your lists for optimization opportunities and send you information on how to improve your the performance of your lists. The lists within your connected ESP account are monitored 24/7 for ongoing list maintenance. 

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We aim to work with ESPs and want for your to stay in compliance, allowing you to have the best email deliverability possible. Email Assurance is DataValidation’s deliverability and compliance monitoring service. 

Email Assurance includes:

  • Compliance monitoring for all email lists in MailChimp and Constant Contact
  • Email data is analyzed and updated every 12 hours
  • New MailChimp lists are imported every 12 hours
  • Updated deliverability data is automatically appended to your MailChimp list(s)
  • Invalid emails are automatically unsubscribed
  • You receive an awesome Customer Advocate 
  • No contract, no cancellation fees, no worries

Assurance currently runs once a day, 7 days a week, from 11-1 EST. This time may occasionally change. This package can be purchased or canceled at any time!  


Email Assurance FAQ 

How are Email Validation and Email Assurance different?

Email Assurance is DataValidation's monitoring service offered to clients with accounts linked directly to MailChimp. With Email Assurance, all of the lists within your MailChimp account are validated and then monitored on an ongoing, daily basis. Email Validation is our one-time cleaning service, providing an address-by-address analysis which determines the deliverability of emails on your list. It's recommend that you have a list cleaned at least once every 3 months with Email Validation. 

What is the monthly cost of Email Assurance? 

The cost of Assurance for your linked MailChimp account is based on the number of emails you have in the lists within your account. Your one-time fee (for initial list validation) can be found here. With your first validation, you're given one-month FREE of Email Assurance - this is so you can send a few campaigns with your newly cleaned lists and get back in compliance with MailChimp's standards. Each month after that you'll be charged based on the number of emails in your lists when Email Assurance is billed at the end of the month. Calculate your monthly Email Assurance cost here

When will I be billed for Email Assurance?

You are charged a one-time fee initially for the initial validation of the lists within your MailChimp account (and given Assurance for one month FREE). After that, Email Assurance starts billing exactly one-month from when you signed up and you will be billed monthly with no long-term commitments. The cost is based on the number of emails within your lists. 

How often is my list validated?

Email Assurance is a monthly subscription that monitors your list(s) daily, scanning for new data and cleaning it every 12 hours, then cleaning your list fully on a once a week basis. Assurance currently runs twice a day, 7 days a week, from 11-1 EST.

What is the cancellation process?

You can verify or cancel your monthly Email Assurance subscription at any time from within your DataValidation account. You can do this on the preferences page. When you cancel, you are no longer charged with the monthly subscription fee.

Does my list update automatically in MailChimp?

When you purchase, your list(s) are validated, but must be initially uploaded to your MailChimp account. This is a one-time transaction. After the cleaned list(s) have been uploaded, we will access and update your MailChimp account automatically, requiring no action from you.

How do I know my MailChimp account has been updated?

By looking at the Email Assurance Reports provided for your individual lists, you can tell exactly how many emails are in your list. After uploading to MailChimp, you can compare this report to the number of emails in your MailChimp lists(s) to see if your list has completely updated after V alidation or a daily Assurance run. The number of emails in your MailChimp account should be equal to the number of emails with Email Assurance Grades of A+, A, B, and D. All emails with a grade of F are unsubscribed. 

Does the price change if I add additional emails to my list?

If you have an Email Assurance subscription, you are billed once monthly. The amount you are billed is based on the number of emails within the lists in your MailChimp account at the time of monthly billing. If you exceed a pricing category, you are simply moved up to the next pricing plan. Calculate your monthly cost here. We allow up to 30% growth of a list each month. You will be invoiced if you exceed the allotted subscriber growth.

What happens if I delete a MailChimp list covered by Email Assurance?

If you delete a list from your MailChimp account that was previously covered by Email Assurance, then it will be no longer covered. 

What happens if I unlink my MailChimp account?

If you have purchased Email Assurance for your MailChimp account, you should not unlink this account. By unlinking, your account no longer has a connection with DataValidation and Email Assurance will not be able to cover your account.

What happens if I add a new list to my MailChimp account?

With Email Assurance, every list in your MailChimp account is covered. You can add lists and combine them and we will pull them in during the next assurance run. Email Assurance runs twice daily from 11-1am/pm and all new lists will be added during this time.

What happens if I add emails to an existing list in MailChimp?

You can add subscribers, add groups and change segments within lists. All new data will be pulled in during the next Email Assurance run and updated as is in your MailChimp account. Email Assurance runs twice daily from 11-1am/pm and all new or updated lists will be updated during the Assurance run. You are allowed a generous monthly list growth of 30%. 

What information is updated with Email Assurance?

When you upload your cleaned list back to MailChimp, DataValidation creates custom merge fields within your subscriber information. These fields will contain data on historical bounces, historical opt-outs, complainers, spam traps, historical click and open information. This information is updated daily with Email Assurance and can also be found in your list(s) Email Assurance Report


Right now, only customers who have a MailChimp account can link an account to DataValidation and be eligible for Email Assurance. Want to request that we add your ESP? Email support@datavalidation.com.

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