What is the cost of purchasing Email Assurance?

When you link an account to DataValidation, all of the lists from your ESP will be imported to our system. Your lists must be validated before you can purchase ongoing Email Assurance subscription. Monthly pricing is based on your list size (number of emails per list) and is billed monthly with no long-term commitments.

When you purchase Email Assurance, you're paying for the initial validation of the list(s) within your linked list and you'll receive one-month FREE of Email Assurance for your entire account. This free month lets you clean your email list of undeliverable emails and get back in compliance with MailChimp's standards by having time to deploy a few campaigns!

New Email Assurance Pricing

Effective January 1, 2015

0-4K                 $10

4K-20K             $20

20K-50K           $40

50K-70K           $80

70K-300K         $100

300K-600K       $300

600K-1.2M       $500

1.2M-1.6M       $700

1.6M-3M          $1000

3M-5M             $2000

5M-7M             $3000

7M-10M           $4000


Email Assurance Pricing Until 12/1/2014

0-2K                 $10

2K-20K             $20

20K-100K         $60

100K-200K       $100

200K-500K       $200

500K-1M          $500

1M ++              Talk to Us 

If you decide to purchase Email Assurance for your linked account, you will be notified by email each month when it’s time for your account to be charged.


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