How do I upload results back to my MailChimp account?

After linking your MailChimp account, we'll let you know when your list(s) are ready and available for purchase! You'll receive a Free Email Assurance Report with each list uploaded. 

After purchasing your list, the "Purchase EmailValidation" button will turn into a "Get Results" button. Here is where you'll have the option to "Upload Results" or download various versions of your cleaned list. 

By clicking the "Upload Results" button, you're telling DataValidation to update your email list information in your MailChimp account. 

Watch the Video:


What's Included in My Uploaded MailChimp Results? [VIDEO]

Once you've uploaded results, you'll want to segment your list! Create segments for emails in the Safe to Send, Accepts-All, and Indeterminate categories.


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