How do I know my MailChimp account has been updated?

After linking an account and having a list cleaned, you'll be able to view your Free Email Assurance Report. 

After purchasing EmailValidation or EmailAssurance you'll be able to "Get Results" immediately. Make sure to "Upload Results" after your purchase to update your MailChimp account. 

Once you've uploaded results back to your account, login to Your MailChimp account to access the dashboard. View all of your email lists by clicking on the Lists tab on the left-side of the dashboard. Here you can view each list within your account.

Access the list(s) cleaned by DataValidation to see all of the new merge fields containing the Deliverability Codes from your Email Assurance Report. 

What about the Email Assurance Subscription? 

This information is also accurate for people on the Email Assurance Subscription! Email Assurance runs twice a day, and by looking at the Last Changed field within your subscriber list, you can tell if your list has been updated within the last 12 hours. Email Assurance runs twice a day between 11-1 EST. 


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