Why was my list flagged for review by DataValidation?

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If you linked an account or uploaded a list and got a message saying, "List Flagged for Review," this means that your list has been flagged by our automated abuse detection program. This software scans our database to detect lists that are potentially harmful and pause their validation process until the list can be reviewed. 

We do this to protect our system against a DHA, or Directory Harvest Attack, and keep the data of all customers safe. If a list has many addresses that are similar (ie. role addresses) such as sales@apple.com or support@apple.com, then it will be flagged for review. 

If you've noticed that your list has been flagged, you will ned to contact our support team at support@datavalidation.com with this issue. Your email list will be forwarded to an engineer for further review and we'll contact you with the updated status of your list!


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