What happens if I delete a MailChimp list and have Email Assurance?

When you link a MailChimp account to DataValidation we create a connection with this account so that your email list data can be updated every 12 hours. DO NOT delete a list from your MailChimp account if you want it to be included in your assurance subscription. If you delete a list from your MailChimp account that was previously covered by Email Assurance then it will be no longer covered. 

By deleting a list you are breaking the connection that DataValidation has with this list specifically. When Email Assurance runs every 12 hours, this list will no longer be available for update.

So what should you do if you've deleted a list that's covered with Email Assurance? 

You will need to re-upload this list to MailChimp for it be covered by Email Assurance and be available for update. By doing this, all of the data in your re-uploaded list will be pulled in for the next assurance run just like every other list in your MailChimp account. Email Assurance runs twice a day from 11-1 and this is when your lists will updated.

Any new lists added to your account will be also be covered Email Assurance and will be pulled into our system during the twice-daily assurance runs. 

Does Email Assurance cover new lists in my MailChimp account? 


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