Where do I input my credit card information?

DataValidation customers can input credit card information when making a purchase; or you can update any information that has been previously input into our system. When you login to your DataValidation account you'll be taken directly to the Lists page where you can view any linked accounts and uploaded lists to purchase. You can also update account preferences here. 

To Purchase a List

On the Lists page, "View List Details" for any list that has been uploaded or linked through a MailChimp account. Inside list details, you'll have the option to Purchase Email Assurance, Purchase Email Validation, or view your Email Assurance Report. 

After clicking the button for Purchase Email Assurance or Purchase Email Validation, you'll be taken to the Checkout page. Here you can enter in credit card information for your purchase. You also have the option to use a stored card. 

To Update Credit Card information

You can also access your account preferences page on the Lists page. Here you can link more accounts, change your password, or update credit card information. If you have never purchased a list, or you have not yet saved a credit card with us, you can do it here to avoid having to enter credit card details each time you make a purchase. If you currently have a saved card in our system you can "forget this card" and enter a new one if you'd like.


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