What information is updated in my Constant Contact account?

When you link a Constant Contact account, all of the lists within the account will be imported to DataValidation. Lists will automatically start to process. Once lists have completed, view your Always Free Email Assurance Report for each list imported and analyzed. 

After purchasing a list, the data will automatically sync back to your Constant Contact account. 

What's updated in your Constant Contact account: 

When list results are updated, all of your original information will be re-imported into Constant Contact. All contacts will be updated will an Email Assurance Grade. This grade can be found by viewing an individual contact. 

DataValidation uses custom fields to store the Email Assurance Grade. To find out which custom field has been used, access an individual contact. All grades will be listed in the following format: "custom_field_1: +dv_grade_A+"

How do I manage custom fields? 

All undeliverable contacts (those with a grade of F) will be unsubscribed across lists within your Constant Contact account. These undeliverable contacts can still be found under the 'View All Contacts' tab within your account, but will not be included in your 'Active Contacts' or in your 'Email Lists'. 

After the data has been synced back to your Constant Contact account, you'll need to create custom Tags to group contacts into 'Safe to Send, 'Accepts All', and 'Indeterminate' contacts. Tags will be used to narrow down an Email List when sending a campaign. Only deploy email to the 'Safe to Send' contacts. 

How do I create custom Tags in Constant Contact?

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