Everything You Need to Know about BETA

DataValidation has just released the new Email Assurance app in beta! If you're one of our beta testers, this article is for you. Here's everything you need to get started in the new app: 

Link an ESP account

Email Assurance allows you to link a MailChimp or Constant Contact account right off the bat! Do this when signing up, or add it later. You can add multiple accounts, and even upload .csv files if you'd like.

Linked and Unlinked Lists

Once you've linked all of your ESP accounts (and uploaded all of your .csv files) you can view all lists in the Linked Lists and Unlinked Lists tabs. Linked Lists include all email lists from any linked MailChimp or Constant Contact account.

Unlinked Lists include any lists from a previously linked ESP account, and all .csv files you have manually uploaded. (ie. If you unlink an ESP account, you can still find your lists in this section)

Report Cards

Each list is given an Overall List Grade. This percentage is an average for a particular list. The front of each card will also tell you:

  • Date the list was imported to Email Assurance
  • Number of subscribers in the list
  • ESP Account 
  • ESP Account login
  • Whether a list has been purchase
  • How many days remaining in your 30-day free trial
  • Whether a list is Assured/Not Assured

By flipping a card over you can view the list's Report Card. A list's Report Card will tell you:

  • The percentage of emails that have each Email Assurance grade
  • A description of each Email Assurance Grade
  • Date of the list's latest validation
  • Number of subscribers when the list was linked

Progress Reports

In a list's Report Card, you can click on Progress Report to see the list's progress over time. The Progress Report also tells you the Overall List Grade, number of subscribers in the list, date the list was imported to Email Assurance, and details on the linked ESP account. 

By clicking on the first data point you can see what your list looked like at the time of import. The Progress Report also shows the percentage of emails that have each Email Assurance grade. Easily compare Weekly Checks and Daily Checks.

Email Assurance runs once daily to check for newly added data and re-analyzes existing data weekly. It's free to monitor your lists for as long as you like.

Purchase a One-time Tuneup or Email Assurance to sync results back to your ESP account and get an address-by-address analysis for your lists. 

Sync back to an ESP

If you have a linked MailChimp or Constant Contact account, you can purchasea One-time Tuneup or Email Assurance and have your results automatically synced back to your ESP account. If you have the Email Assurance subscription, your lists will be analyzed and synced back to your account daily. 

MailChimp users, create segments and deploy only to your Safe to Send subscribers. 

Constant Contact users, create tags and deploy only to your Safe to Send contacts. 

Once you've purchased, you'll also have the option of downloading an address-by-address analysis in addition to your ESP sync. If you uploaded a .csv file, you will be able to download the address-by-address analysis as well.

Address-by-Address Analysis

This is a downloadable .csv file that contains an address-by-address analysis for each email within a list. This analysis contains deliverability data that makes up the Email Assurance grade given to a particular address. 

This downloadable report has Email Assurance Grades, Historical Engagement (Clicks, Opens), Historical Bounces, Historical Complaints, Historical Opt-Outs, History of Deceased, and History of Spam Traps.

Look here for more information on the Address-by-Address Analysis.

Add to Cart or Download

In the list view of the Email Assurance app, you have the ability to add multiple lists to a cart and download multiple items at a time. 


Your Dashboard is where you can view the overall status and progress of all of the lists in your DataValidation account. Whether you have 1 linked account or 3, the Dashboard will show you Status Over Time, Assurance Coverage, New Emails Added, and Emails Unsubscribed for the current aggregate of all lists in the system. 

Aggregate Score of All Lists: This score can be found in the top left corner of your DataValidation Dashboard. The score takes into account every Overall List Grade.

Status Over Time: This percentage represents the changes (trending up or down) to the aggregate score of all lists.

Assurance Coverage: This is a percentage of all lists covered by the Email Assurance subscription. The only lists within your account that are available for the subscription are those that have been linked by MailChimp or Constant Contact. 

New Emails Added: This number is the total number of emails added to your lists at this particular moment. This includes manual uploads, new signups to your list or new addresses that have been recently pulled in by Email Assurance from your ESP account. 

Emails Unsubscribed: This represents the total number of emails unsubscribed across lists. This takes into account the number of emails unsubscribed by DataValidation (due to an F grade) and the number of emails you have manually unsubscribed or that have unsubscribed themselves from your mailings. 

Linked Accounts, Profile Settings, and Billing

In the Linked Accounts tab you can view every ESP account you have linked to DataValidation. Here, you can unlink an account and refresh accounts. If you unlink an account, Email Assurance WILL NOT be able to run. Refreshing an account pulls in any new/existing data from your ESP account (this can only be done once a day). 

In the Profile Settings tab you can verify and change your primary mailing address, update personal information and change your password. 

In the Billing Information tab you can save a credit card for purchases, change billing information and view any purchases you have made. You can even view your receipt for every purchase you have made!

Notifications & Cart

Whenever you sync an ESP account, or upload a new list, you'll get notifications letting you know that your list has been analyzed. 

You can now add lists to your cart and continue viewing reports within your Dashboard, Linked Lists, and Unlinked Lists. By clicking on the Cart notifications you can see what your total for the day is, as well as what an Email Assurance subscription would look like for the lists you are purchasing.


Email Assurance Products

Free Monitoring

When you link an account or upload a list, you automatically have Free Monitoring. Monitor your lists to see their progress on a daily basis, for free. What you get with the Free Monitoring: 

  • All lists get analyzed 
  • View a daily Report Card of lists
  • View a lists Progress Report over time
  • View the Aggregate Score of All Email Lists
  • Monitor multiple ESP accounts or multiple uploaded lists

One-time Tuneup

When you purchase validation on a list, from a linked account or a manual upload, you have the One-time Tuneup. You can continue to monitor your purchased lists, as well as those that are not purchased. Purchase a one-time validation and sync results back to your MailChimp or Constant Contact account and download an address-by-address analysis. Here's what you get with the One-time Tuneup: 

  • All Email Assurance grades synced back to a linked ESP
  • All F results are unsubscribed from the ESP
  • Download an address-by-address analysis with detailed deliverability codes
  • Receive a 30-day free trial of Email Assurance [with a linked list]

Email Assurance

Email Assurance is the full package! With this subscription, you can monitor all of your lists and have them remediated within your ESP account automatically. Here's what you get with the Email Assurance subscription: 

  • All grades are synced to your ESP daily
  • F results are unsubscribed (optionally)
  • Receive a daily Report Card
  • New emails added are analyzed and synced daily
  • New address-by-address analysis with detailed deliverability codes daily

Email Assurance 30-Day Free Trail

When you purchase The Onetime Tune-up [the one-time validation for a list], you receive an Email Assurance 30-day free trial! This means that you get one month free of monitoring + remediation. With the 30 day free trial, you get all the benefits of having the Email Assurance subscription. 


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